Back in time (or maybe Down Memory Lane)

Back in time (or maybe Down Memory Lane)

Recently I had occasion to go back to where I spent a great deal of my childhood so many years ago. I have always traveled for a living and spent my time with camera in hand capturing  so many amazing sights, events and occasions  over the years. Many times the moment was recorded and almost immediately forgotten, others were much more memorable and I can recall the smallest, most trivial detail. I've watched children grow, friends pass and spent so much amazing time outdoors witnessing the incredible flora and fauna that surround us everywhere. I have been truly blessed.

Sunset on the lake

The occasion wasn't brought about by a happy event rather a very sad one. My mother passed awhile back and we headed north to start the long emotional process of cleaning and packing up a long and interesting life. In the process I went down many rabbit holes chasing memories that had been long forgotten. My much better half, when not completely frustrated with me because of my distractions probably got to learn more about my childhood and what formed the person I am now in a week than the entire time she has had to put up with my incessant need to walk, wander and photograph the world. 

Of course we did get to see a little bit of nature with a couple of short, stretch your legs hikes... and I've posted a couple of those pictures on social media, with a few more to come. So keep popping into FB and Instagram to see what I get out there for all to see. 

But, and this is a big but (no jokes please!!) please always remember that as much passion, joy and fun we have out there on the trails... all the importance we place on seeing, protecting and sharing Nature's incredible beauty... if we do well Nature's beauty will be around for eons... family members won't. So, take the time before, during or after the next hike to spend time with loved ones, ignore the petty jealousies, emotional drama that so often color our everyday life and simply enjoy "family" because for better or worse they are the only reason you arrived on this planet, and their efforts both good and bad are what made you who your are... and lets face it, if you're out there enjoying and protecting nature they must have done something right!!

Wild Flowers

So, hug 'em, love 'em and invite them along (or at least show them the pics afterwards)... then pack up and hit the trails!! 'Cause the trails are out there just begging to be hiked!

See you on the trails!!

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