Big Bear Country

Big Bear Country

We spent our July 4th week up in the mountains hiking, only setting aside the evening to make sure we were someplace to watch fireworks and celebrate our country. The air was crisp, ohh bu... it was hot and really dry, but it was awesome! Visibility was truly limited only by the horizon and the wildlife was abundant. Trekking up steep trails at 8,000 feet isn't always the most leisurely pursuit but wow... the view when you get there! 

Steller's Jay

After such a wet and snowy winter, and with snow still present at the higher elevations, we were somewhat surprised at how dry the trails were when we weren't by natural springs. The springs were definitely recharged and tracks were heavy (and big) in the mud around them. Actually found myself paying a little more attention to my surroundings after a couple of crossings. Something we all should be doing always anyway but the awe of nature can often overwhelm our natural awareness. Seeing some really prints on one creek's edge fixed the distraction problem for me ~ pronto. 

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

The mountains are alive. Always have been, always will be. Get out there and experience them, listen to them... and pay attention to their warnings, both to the ecological realities of preservation, but also to their warnings of personal danger in the form of wild animals, rock slides etc... Never forget that a dead nature lover doesn't help protect and preserve, and that when you're out there, you are definitely not on the top of the food chain, in fact if you're not paying attention, to paraphrase the old commercial "you" might be what's for dinner""

Get out there experience, love and as best you can leave no trace so others can love it like you do. Pack it in ~ pack it out.

And when you have the time, stop by and see what we have to offer. We might be slow to answer your questions occasionally and we apologize for that... but we like to hike too!!

Enjoy your summer America!


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