Desert Walk About

Desert Walk About

I had the recently had the chance to combine some family time and some desert wandering. This time of year is almost perfect to wander around out there. A sort of "Three Bears" weather... not too hot, not too cold.... juussttt right!! 

On one of the walks I ran into this photogenic little sparrow. He too was enjoying the comfortable weather and was busily hunting out food, keeping a wary eye on me and generally making it difficult to get a good photo of him! 

People who haven't spent time in the desert, or don't pay attention to their surroundings ( you know the type... music blaring from a speaker or ear buds "plugged in") have no idea just how much life really exists out there. On one afternoon alone I saw several types of raptors, coyotes, more lizards than could be counted and many, many smaller birds. Cacti with nests hollowed out into them... 

I am constantly amazed by several things:

  • those things I see by paying attention to my surroundings, 
  • what I still have to learn about the flora and fauna that surrounds my walks
  • and sadly how truly few people take the time to experience, learn or care about this amazing blue marble that we call home. 

Life is so much more than what is in social media (yet here I am!!), more than what the "influencer's" want you to pay attention to... and so constantly amazing and startling that every single day I am out there I see something new, learn something I had never known before... and have had one one incredible adventure to keep my mind busy on those quiet winter nights in front of the fire.

Get Out There America (and the rest the world too!!)

Experience it Enjoy it.  Preserve it for the coming generations.

Desert Sunset

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