River Hiking

River Hiking

We added a Reel taken hiking up a river canyon the other day. One short reel or a few posted photos can't do the experience any justice at all. To be virtually alone in one of nature's most incredible cathedrals is beyond the ability of words to express. It has to be felt and experienced. It really goes to your soul and is a physical emotional reaction. 

And then you kick yet another underwater stone in your water shoes... and the moment is gone! Not to worry, around the next bend you will repeat the process of awe and almost guaranteed... kick another freaking rock! So really, one moment the tears in your eyes are from the shear, incredible beauty you are witnessing... the next it is because you're afraid you broke another toe! 

This particular video was taken just over a year ago. We reviewed our options to do it this year and found that the winter runoff was beyond spectacular and it want even remotely an option. That's ok since this is a big country and my bucket list of spectacular nature hikes and photographic opportunities is extremely long! 

Get out and hike, bike or by horseback... whatever you choose.... CHOOSE !! and get out there and experience it! 

See you on the trails somewhere! 


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